INDUSTRY: Logistics, Travel and Transportation
Products and Services
⦁ Azure Backup
⦁ Azure Cache for Redis
⦁ Azure Load Balancer
⦁ Azure SQL Database
⦁ Azure Storage
⦁ Azure Traffic Manager
⦁ Azure Virtual Machines
⦁ Azure VPN Gateway
Organization Size
Medium (50 – 999 employees)
United Arab Emirates
Challenges & Solutions
The customer was established in 1978 as a publicly listed company. Its eminent shareholders presently include Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Saudi Aramco Development Company, as well as prominent Saudi businessmen and financial institutions. The company began its operations with just four multi-purpose vessels and, today, it is among the world’s leading and most highly renowned shipping organizations. Bahri presently owns a diversified fleet of 92 specialized vessels that transport crude oil, chemical products, general and project cargo, and dry bulk goods, with an additional 4 bulk carriers to be delivered by 2020.

Customer strongly believes that an expansion and continuous improvement of its services in the global logistics and transportation industry will not only enhance trade, but also contribute to the national development whilst maximizing returns on shareholders’ investments.

Security and data availability is a core focus for Mid East Ship Management – customer, which adopts a Defense-In-Depth approach to secure their end-to-end enterprise and key booking platforms in Microsoft Azure. Azure also opens up many AI capabilities for their upcoming platform revamps to enable travelers to make more personalized booking decisions through data analytics and machine learning.
Planning a successful migration with simple scaling
A key to the success of the migration was extensive planning over the course of 8 to 12 months, but the migration itself occurred over a single weekend. The complex exercise went smoothly because the team had prepared so well, and afterward, the Customer was able to take advantage of another cloud capability: easy scaling.
Using the right tools for a complex migration
Because the customer was looking at migrating a solution that encompasses several servers hosting different services and applications, a lot of complex planning was involved. The company needed to be sure that the cloud platform would accept and process data properly from all the servers and databases in a seamless manner. Solid preparation ensured a successful migration.

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