INDUSTRY: Oil & Energy Industry


Company Z is an oil & energy company based out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The company over the years has established an elaborate optimal operation system in close cooperation. Since its establishment, Company Z has been highly regarded for its steady achievements in Abu Dhabi.

Based on the good reputation earned over the years and the appreciation of the Government, Company Z will continue to exert strenuous efforts to enhance its production capacity and to perform oil operations efficiently with a special emphasis on environmental issues.


  • Data Centre Work Loads were increasing with business requirements every year, This resulted in huge capex investments of new Data Centre Resources and Operations.
  • They wanted to digitally transform and modernize.
  • Company Z wanted to embark on its journey to the public cloud by addressing,
  • Scalability, time to market, agility and availability
  • Avoid data center and IT systems refresh.


  • The proposed solution was catered to a lift & shift of initial 10 production pilot non-critical applications/workloads to Microsoft Azure.
  • Azure Migrate / Azure Site Recovery is being used as the replication tool to migrate the workloads to the cloud.
  • All VMs are migrated and hosted on the Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service model with most VMs reserved for 1 year and others under a PAYG model.
  • Domain Controller would be configured as an ADC running on an IaaS VM replicating with the DC on-premises.
  • Load-balanced Palo Alto NextGen firewalls were proposed and are being configured for Site-to-Site VPN connectivity with company Z’s on-premises network.
  • Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Azure Backup, Bastion service.


  • The initial presentation of the Seven Seas Cloud Adoption Framework was explained based on Microsoft CAF.

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