Client was using Excel sheet to share the information across the organization which is a time-consuming process and with no insight of the data. User / Management has limited option while exploring data and with the paginated report they will get only what was designed and not even a step more. Any additional reports required, user must wait for their ERP team to develop the same and the output would be limited to the details requested without any options of drill down.

Solution Provided

SSTech has conducted a detailed study about their requirement and recommended to implement Microsoft BI solutions to achieve the business target. We have recommended to implement Integration Services since customer would like to extract data from different sources and utilized Analysis Services cubes for faster response.

Tools used:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  3. Microsoft PowerBI

We built the data mart by fetching data from multiple data sources using Integration Services and performed data cleansing to ensure the data quality. Data transformations were also performed. After data was staged, we used SQL Server Analysis Services to build cubes from which data is presented to the PowerBI visualization tool.

PowerBI is a cloud solution of Microsoft, however, no customer data is staged on cloud. Every time user accesses the reports, data will be served via on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services. We had integrated users with Active Directory to restrict the data which is being accessed.

Business Benefits:

  1. End user was able to access data anywhere, i.e., user need not be inside office network to access the reports.
  2. Business gets quicker response for business related queries.
  3. Able to obtain business metrics whenever and wherever they are.
  4. Obtained valuable information about customer behavior using buying trend analysis.
  5. Gained better understanding of business behavior – past, present and future.
  6. Customer has achieved implementing with their existing investment without any additional investment.
  7. Microsoft BI is easy to use and easy to implement.
  8. Achieved BI on mobile devices without any investment on the licensing.

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