About the Company:

Company Y is an online marketplace for reselling used electronic gadgets. It has exchange partnerships with large e-commerce companies attracting more than 3 million user sessions.

Company Y’s Migration Needs:

Business Outcomes: Performance, scalability, portability, faster go-to-market and security.

App Performance: Application modernization with microservices and containerization.

AWS Migration: Migrating Java and PHP web applications from other Cloud to AWS

Proposed Solution:

Company Y had its application workloads on other Cloud and wanted to migrate several applications including their core web and mobile e-commerce application to Amazon Web Services (AWS). They had a combination of B2C, B2B, and administrative applications. We helped them migrate to AWS successfully in two phases and are optimizing the infrastructure with Managed Services. Our team gained an understanding of the multiple-layered modular architecture, various application modules, and individual servers.

Company Y’s Architecture:

Benefits of AWS Migration:

  • 70% scalability.
  • 2X faster go to market.
  • 20% costs savings from resource optimization.
  • High performance and security with Managed Services.



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