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Customer was using traditional Server & Storage Technology on Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The Server and storage Generations were 2-3 years old Generation. Various Challenges were faced in multiple areas like.
⦁ Spare Part Availability.
⦁ Expansion Request.
⦁ Performance Impact.
⦁ Administration.
⦁ Training.

Having one resource to maintain this multi-vendor environment was becoming expensive. Customer needs a cost-effective solution to make their app management easier.

Solution Provided
SSTech has conducted a detailed study about their requirement and recommended implementing a Hyperscaler solution on Nutanix. We have transitioned their Production workloads from native Microsoft Hyper-V technology to Nutanix AHV.

Business Benefits:
Simplified their administrative task to few clicks and projected the same from single pane of Glass Console.
Administrative efforts reduced as the complete health of the system is available from a single console.
Simplified the DR operation by implementing Similar Nutanix environment and replicating the Workload using native Nutanix replication.
Reduced data footprint by adopting the Nutanix deduplication enterprise level technology.
Enhanced virtual machine security by adopting Nutanix Flow and securing the east west traffic between Virtual Machines.

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