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Company X is a conglomerate company having more than 15000 employees with operations in 20 countries. Company X is a process oriented and audit-oriented company. The company has very well-defined security as well as compliance standards. As Vulnerability of any operating systems is key target to attract the hackers the company has very well defined the approach to patch the vulnerabilities. The have made the patch compliance for every endpoint to make them secure.


  • Due to the huge no of endpoints of 15000 employees plus the multiple servers the security team was no able to meet up the patch compliance target, Moreover the current tool was not compatible with multiple OS apart from Microsoft and third-party application like adobe, java, etc.
  • The increase work from home scenario has also added the load on to the security team for patching the user endpoints, due to unavailability of endpoints to the corporate network. The business team also felt that the time to value was quite slow with use of current tool.


  • Ivanti helped to patch the multiple endpoints with a single click via central management point, which reduces the complexity of patching process and increases the time to value via central dashboard and the ongoing patch update view on a same dashboard.
  • The ability patch third party application apart from Microsoft application which reduces the manual upgrade process for the third-party application.
  • The management system will help the security team to discover the workstation and physical / virtual servers via central dashboard which increases the visibility of the endpoints centrally.
  • The solution supports the agents too which can patch systems out of the corporate network as well.

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