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Company X is a conglomerate company having more than 15000 employees with operations in 20 countries. Company X is a process oriented and audit-oriented company. The company has very well-defined security as well as compliance standards. As email is a key target to attack the end user of the company, The Company’s management along with security team focus was to have secured Cloud based email filtering solution since they are using Microsoft office 365 service.


  • As there were large number of mailboxes (15000), the security team was not keen on maintaining the companies email security under Microsoft’s umbrella
  • The team was also unhappy with the present solution as they were receiving vast attempts of spam, phishing, and spear phishing assaults.
  • The Business also were facing a challenge to  archive  the employee’s mail data which requires huge storage system.


  • The Mimecast email security solution was best fitted solution for the business
  • Mimecast email security solution provides mail protection not only for outsider’s mail, but it also provides the provides the protection from inside mail traffic i.e., inter employee communication.
  • Due to the very strong email protection the business email attacks has been reduced and the no of false positive of attacks are also reduced
  • As a result of the strong email protection, the security team was able to focus on the more crucial complications and issues that require their attention.
  • The Mimecast archiving solution provides the retention period of ninety-nine years for archived email data which fulfils the business compliance part of the stored email communication of every employee.

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