About the Company:

Healthcare Company is a healthcare technology company based in the United Kingdom helping people with chronic pain to document pain experiences and access qualified healthcare professionals quickly and easily in a seamless manner.
As a healthcare technology company, it prides itself on connecting people and changing lives by improving the delivery, quality, and efficiency of traditional care models through innovation. Instead of going through the hassles of getting an appointment, going to the clinic, and experiencing long wait times, the healthcare app enables an easy and convenient way to access help instantly.

Enhancing Customer Experience & Security:

The Healthcare Company app was already running on AWS on a single Availability Zone (AZ) but required improvement in the following areas:

When our company and AWS engaged with them, Healthcare Company wanted to address the needs above.

The Road to Agility

Noventiq began the engagement by gaining a clear understanding of the client’s technical and business requirements. Considering that Healthcare Company didn’t have an IT team and required a largely self-managed environment, we suggested they move to a Serverless setup:

  • Redeploy existing application from single AWS EC2 instance to multi availability zone.
  • Deploy backend on AWS Fargate and frontend on Amazon S3.
  • Migrate the MySQL Database hosted on AWS EC2 to RDS Aurora MySQL.

We worked toward ensuring cost savings by using elastic resources combined with the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Ensuring Security Compliance

Seven Seas Technology helped ensure continuous compliance with the following solution:

  • Prepared a checklist of compliances required and mapped it with AWS services and third-party services.
  • Implemented AWS Security Hub for two security packages involving around 77 clauses.
  • Defined the architecture on Containers to ensure app security.
  • Enabled 100% compliance on AWS Security Hub, established AWS security practices and Centre for Internet Security (CIS) practices, and adherence to standards.

Enhanced Performance and Customer Success

With the help of Noventiq, MyPain was able to deploy a highly stable, reliable, and robust application architecture on AWS Cloud for achieving the following benefits:

50 to 100 times more scalability, reliability, availability, and flexibility

Quicker time to release and reduced costs with Serverless.

Better productivity, security, and portability of application with Containerization

Reduced complexities and costs, faster delivery cycle and efficiency with automation.

Superior performance, easy management and 100% availability with Aurora DB

100% security compliance ensuring adherence to UK and Europe compliance mandates.

Self-managed, automatically monitored, and secured environment that enables continuous compliance.

Our experts took care of modifications required at the backend and application side as well. Our solutions enabled Healthcare Company to run their health app on a modern, agile, and automated environment that helps them get the best of AWS.

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